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BEST BOOKS of 2022… and BEST of BEST BOOKS of 2022 LISTS!!!

December 26, 2022
This picture belongs to Goodreads, not to me.

I admit up front that I haven’t read ANY books published in 2022 (except for a few that I bought off of Kickstarter). Maybe that means I shouldn’t judge the books of 2022; after all, I’m unfamiliar with them. On the other hand, I might be a great judge of these books because I don’t have any biases for or against any of these books; I’m completely objective.

Yeah, I don’t think it works that way. I’m probably not the blogger to judge what is and what isn’t the BEST BOOK of 2022.

Since I haven’t read any books published in 2022, I’ll let the ‘experts’ make the decision for me.

My first step was to read a bunch of BEST BOOKS of 2022 lists.

I’m not the type to make many lists, but if you like lists, especially book lists, here are four of what I think are the BEST of the BEST BOOKS of 2022 lists!!!

Goodreads Best Fiction 2022

NPR Most Recommended Books

Publishers Weekly Best Books 2022

Amazon- 2022s Best Books of the Year

After perusing through these lists (and several others), I unscientifically kept track of which novels kept showing up on various lists. Coming up with a top five list wasn’t difficult because most books didn’t show up on most lists. Only a few books made a majority of lists. And out of those few, one stood out.

It’s a novel that I’d never heard of written by an author I’d never heard of. I’m sure she hasn’t heard of me or my blog either. So without further ado, the BEST BOOK (FICTION) OF 2022 is…

1. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

I think I left out a ‘tomorrow’ in the title.

Here are the honorable mentions that showed up on several lists but couldn’t overtake Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

2. Carrie Soto Is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

3. True Biz by Sara Novic’

4. Our Missing Heart by Celeste Ngo

5. Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

I think I’ll read Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. I like the premise. The sample was pretty good. I just need to remember how many ‘tomorrows’ are in the title when I write about the book.


What do you think? Have YOU read every book published in 2022? If not, how many? Have you read any of the novels on this list? Will these books be remembered and highly regarded by future generations?

One Comment
  1. Love the sound of tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow etc. Gabrielle Kevin wrote The Lovely Bones, which I read when I was a teenager, but really loved. Her writing style was haunting and her narrative voice really stayed in my head. Not surprised she made it to the best book of 2022!

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