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5 Reasons Why School Sucks

September 6, 2016
(image via wikimedia)

The classroom seems peaceful now, but some kid just farted.  (image via wikimedia)

If you’re a student and you think school sucks, you’re not alone.  There’s a certain point where all kids start to hate school.  Most kids like school during their early elementary years, but something happens around 4th or 5th grade.  Kids start being aware of other things around them.  And at some point, kids realize school isn’t that great.  In fact, it sucks.

Even teachers agree that school sucks.  Teachers are mostly there because they’re getting paid (which is reasonable), and even money can’t make them enjoy the experience.  If you’re in school (student or teacher) and you’re depressed, don’t worry about it.  It’s normal to be depressed at school.

Famous author JRR Tolkien got depressed when he taught, and he was a college professor.  His negative feelings from teaching inspired him to write The Hobbit (which ironically depressed a bunch of students who generations later had to read it).  If a college professor gets depressed while he’s at a college, then what are public school kids going through?

What makes school so bad?  Everybody has to do it, so it can’t be that horrible.  Except it is.

1.   Kids sit all day.

People weren’t designed to sit all day, especially kids.  When kids have to be still, they fidget.  Nowadays, if they fidget too much, they get medicated.  So kids are getting medicated for being kids.  Back in the old days, if we fidgeted too much, we got beaten.  That might seem abusive now, but it kept us off medication.  The fear of getting beaten was enough to keep us from being fidgety.  Living with a little fear isn’t bad, especially if it keeps kids from getting addicted to prescription drugs.

2.  There are too many kids.

If you put hundreds (or even thousands) of people together in a confined space for 7-8 hours a day, bad things are going to happen.  If it’s kids, it will be worse.  It might be miraculous that school isn’t worse than it is.  Between bad hygiene, bad manners,  bad intentions, and low intelligence, every day at school is a disaster waiting to happen.

Going to work with the same adults can be difficult, and I only have to deal with a dozen people on any given day.  Between the hallways, lockers, classes, lunches, and buses, a kid has to deal with maybe hundreds of people.  That’s a lot of social navigation, and that isn’t easy.

3.  There aren’t enough bathrooms

It sucks not being able to go to the bathroom whenever you want to.  I’d take universal bathroom privileges over sleeping in .  If you have to go during class, the teacher will probably say no and throw in a sarcastic comment (which might be deserved).  Teachers who say yes are seen as weak, and teachers can’t afford to be seen as weak.  A teacher would rather have a kid pee in his/her pants than let him/her go to the bathroom and appear weak.

Without bathroom privileges, kids fart.  At least a teacher can move around the classroom to avoid farts, but kids are stuck at their desks.  If you’re next to a farter, you have to suffer through the smells.  Plus, you can be falsely accused of being the farter.  Few accusations are worse than that of being a farter.  During vacations, you can sit at home and fart all day.  But at school, you have to hold it in… unless you’re a social deviant who loves the chaos that follows a smelly fart.  In that case, you deserve to be in school.

4.  It’s like prison.

Everybody who’s been in school understands how school is like a prison.  Just add uniforms (maybe orange or gray with stripes) and a license-plate making class.  If you can succeed in this prison-like environment, then you’re far more likely NOT to go to prison as an adult.  But if you suck at school, then you might want to get used to that environment.

5.  There’s too much criticism.

There is no way to get through school without being criticized.  You’re going to make a mistake sometime.  You’re going to talk without permission.  You’ll choose B instead of A.  You’ll leave materials in your locker (or your previous class).  And if you get caught, you’ll get criticized.

Nobody likes being criticized, but teachers have to do it.  If they don’t, you’ll just keep repeating your mistakes.  It would be nice if they could criticize you in a pleasant way, but life doesn’t work like that.  Nice criticism would be like giving trophies out just for participating.  We can’t have a bunch of kids growing up worthless and weak.

As an adult, I probably should be more positive about school.  I survived it and got myself a pretty good job because of (or despite) it.  If anything, school prepares you for work.  You learn to get there on time.  You learn to follow the rules, and do what you’re supposed to do, and to try to learn something new every day.  Those aren’t bad things to do.  But it sucks that we have to go to school first to learn them.

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  1. Very valid thoughts, a bit humorous, too. Institutions do suck.

  2. Embarrassing story re: #3: I once asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom, she said no, and I peed right there in the middle of class.

    I won’t tell you how old I was, but I was definitely too old to be expected to have a potty accident.

    On the positive side, she never said no to a bathroom request again. She gambled and lost.

  3. Glad my teachers allowed toilet breaks.

  4. two words for you: home school

  5. Awesome post! A good way to start the day with a smile…Thank you. 🙂

  6. So true, all of it.
    School can feel like a prison with students the prisoners and teachers the wardens, threat hanging over your head all day, the feeling of us against them.
    Though maybe not for everyone. I was watching a film with my son the other day where a kid was being bullied at school. Thinking this was a good opportunity for a conversation I asked if stuff like that happened at his school. He rolled his eyes and said,
    ‘All adults think school’s like that when it’s not.’
    Maybe he’s lucky. Maybe my memories of the time are clouded with hormones.
    Great post

  7. You raised some good points in an amusing manner, heaven help you if you become known as a farter! lol.

    I absolutely hated school when I was young, I liked education but loathed the school environment, all the pettiness of both students and teachers. I got out of there as fast as I could and went to a local college, instantly the atmosphere was better, people were there because they wanted to be there and you got spoken to like an actual person! Imagine that.

  8. It is a Boon and a Bane. It’s all about personal experiences and choices.

  9. Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink


  10. Anonymous permalink

    so this school i go to, deane bozeman, is absolute garbage, everyone that is older than you by at least 3 years looks like they want to bully you, there are like 10 bathrooms for what? over a thousand students? yeah. and it’s going through this period of rape. many male teachers are raping students and i had a gym teacher who knew about, but didn’t say anything, she went by Mrs. McKee. She was one of very little fit pe teachers in any school. But schools teach 98% bullshit random knowledge that no one uses saying, “you’ll use later on in life”. like, no the hell we won’t. and they don’t teach you how to get a job, and if i wanna work at lets say, subway, why the hell do i need to learn about language arts or history? or math? all i have to do is listen to the customer and make the sandwich they want. like damn, a math teacher can and will turn a simple line into the longest equation in history. like, calm the hell down. AND STOP SHOUTING, “BE QUIET!!!!”, WHEN WE ARE TALKING IN A WHOPPING 1 DECIBEL!!! JESUS CHRIST!! SHUT UP WITH YO KAREN ASS

  11. Chuck permalink

    Hated school. Went homeschool after 7th grade because it was safer, less BS. Bullies wreck your day. Bad teachers lower morale.
    Plus forced classes you dislike: PE, Glee, science. It’s too much pressure for a kid. Change the entire mess!

  12. dude kids could come to this website stop cussing Anonymous.

  13. so, i agree with this. so true, i literally hate school to much, math teachers dont need to teach us language art and history, because i really want to be a gamer.

  14. Anonymous permalink


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