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How Much Does Free Cost? A Birth Control Joke

March 15, 2012
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I’m not even sure what this image means, but a picture of pills and prophylactics simply didn’t seem appealing. And these colors sure are pretty. Image via Wikipedia


Some college guys (an intellectual, a hunk, and a smooth talker) were sitting around in their frat house when the fraternity’s broke guy burst in.  The broke guy never had any money and because of this was never able to go out with women. 

“My losing streak is over,” the broke guy exclaimed.  “I’ve got a date tonight!” 

“What kind of woman would go out with a guy that’s always broke?” wondered the smooth talker (who also was often broke but he could smooth talk ladies into buying stuff for him). 

“She’s a birth control activist,” the broke guy said.  “She thinks the government and insurance companies should pay for birth control.  Tonight is guaranteed.” 

“The only thing guaranteed with an activist is a boring political lecture,” the smooth talker countered. 

“It’s ironic that an excursion with an advocate for free birth control has no chance of advancing toward a situation where contraceptives would actually be necessary,” the intellectual said. 

“Yeah,” the hunk said.  “Plus, she’s not going to put out.” 

The broke guy disagreed, and there was much arguing until finally they made a bet that the broke guy’s date would lead to no romantic activity.  True, the broke guy had no money, but he could wash frat house dishes for months and months if he lost. 

That night the broke guy brought the birth control activist home, and within the next few hours the entire frat house knew that the broke guy had indeed won the bet. 

The next morning after the activist had left, the intellectual, the hunk, and the smooth talker greeted the broke guy and paid him lots of money for the wager. 

“How does it feel to not be broke?” the hunk asked. 

“I agreed to pay her health care premium for this month, so I’m still broke,” the broke guy said, shaking his head.  “That free birth control was way more expensive than I thought it would be.”

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