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The “M” Word- A Mitt Romney Joke

January 12, 2012
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: man or machine? Sometimes he can seem so robot-like that even President Obama wants to see Romney’s birth certificate. Image via Wikipedia

Two friends, a liberal and a conservative, were talking politics (a dangerous thing to do unless you don’t really care about the friendship) when the conservative declared, “I can’t stand President Obama, but I don’t think I can vote for Mitt Romney either.” 

“Really?” the liberal replied. “I’m not a fan of his, but he’s probably the most qualified candidate the Republicans have.” 

“Excuse me if I don’t trust a Democrat to pick a Republican candidate,” the conservative remarked.  “Your guy Obama has enough problems of his own.” 

The liberal couldn’t argue with that, so he asked, “What is it about Romney that you don’t like?” 

The conservative paused.  “It’s… you know, the “M” word thing.” 

The liberal laughed.  “I can’t believe you won’t vote for Romney just because he’s Mormon.” 

“Mormon?” the conservative replied.  “If I don’t care that President Obama is Muslim, why would I care that Romney is a Mormon?” 

“But… Obama isn’t… uugh!” the liberal said, flabbergasted because he realized the conservative was just messing with him.  “But if ‘Mormon’ isn’t the ‘M’ word, and if ‘Muslim’ isn’t the ‘M’ word, then what is the ‘M’ word?” 

“Well, I can vote for a politician who is Mormon,” the conservative declared proudly.  “And I could even vote for a politician who is Muslim,” the conservative said with a bit more hesitation.  “I just can’t vote for a politician who’s from Massachusetts.”

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