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Let’s Talk Football! – A Super Bowl Joke

January 9, 2012
Cheerleaders entertain the fans during the gam...

It’s acceptable to watch an NFL game for the cheerleaders, but is it okay to watch a Super Bowl just for… the commercials? Dude! Image via Wikipedia

The Super Bowl to a hardcore football dude is like New Year’s Eve to a drunk: it’s annoying because that’s when the amateurs come out. 

So when a hardcore football dude was invited to a Super Bowl party, he was actually dreading it because it would be packed with a bunch of amateurs (women and guys who didn’t really care about the football game) and all they’d do is talk about the commercials.  Still, the hardcore football dude knew that he was probably lucky to have friends, so he decided to go. 

And the party was worse than he thought it would be. 

The amateurs cackled and guffawed at the commercials and talked really loudly about them during the game so that the hardcore football dude couldn’t hear the commentary (If John Gruden’s not calling the game, the commentary doesn’t really matter, but still…).  During the halftime show, the hardcore football dude wanted to discuss the game, but everybody else was still ranking the commercials and talking about the has-been performing at the show. 

When the third quarter resumed, the hardcore football dude tried to talk about the game some more, but the partiers were still discussing the has-been performer and were still re-ranking the commercials after each new ad. The hardcore football dude had had enough.  He couldn’t hear the game, and he was about to complain when the host approached him.

 “I’m really sorry about this,” the host said, “but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” 

“What?” the hardcore football dude replied, exasperated even though he felt out of place.  “But why?” 

“Because people are complaining about you,” the host said.  “Whenever you talk about the game, nobody else can hear the commercials.”

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