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First Class Disturbance- An Alec Baldwin Joke

December 15, 2011
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I’m not sure what Alec Baldwin is saying here, but if somebody else (like Tina Fey) didn’t write it for him, then… look out!! Image via Wikipedia

When Alec Baldwin stepped into the commercial airplane, the first class passengers groaned, but Baldwin smiled charmingly and spoke loudly to the flight attendants about how he would follow federal regulations regarding electronic devices on airplanes. 

When passengers were told to turn off their electronic devices, Baldwin made a dramatic show to demonstrate he was complying with regulations.  He reached down to place his ipad into a bag below his feet when an attendant stopped him. 

“Excuse me, sir,” the attendant said.  “But that bag needs to be placed in the overhead compartment.” 

Annoyed, Baldwin kept a smile on his face as he got up (disturbing the passenger sitting next to him on the aisle seat) and began shoving his bag into the compartment which was already full. 

“What’s wrong, sir?” the flight attendant asked. 

“I can’t fit this bag!”  Baldwin said, testily.  “There was plenty of space up here when I put my first two bags in!” 

“Sir, you can’t bring in three pieces of carry-on luggage,” the attendant said.  “We’ll have to charge you extra for that third bag.” 

“What?” Baldwin shouted, with some added profanity.  “Why didn’t you tell me that when I boarded?” 

“It was on your ticket information if you bothered to read it,” the attendant hissed.  She took Baldwin’s bag and easily fit it neatly into the overhead compartment. 

Annoyed, Baldwin went to the lavatory and slammed the door.  After returning to his seat (again disturbing the passenger sitting next to him), Baldwin cursed loudly to the attendants about baggage policy, complained loudly to the passengers (especially the one sitting next to him) about baggage policy, and kept going to the lavatory(continually disturbing the passenger sitting next to him) where he kept slamming the door.

Fed up, the passenger sitting next to Alec Baldwin approached the flight attendant.  “May I please move to another seat, preferably one in the back of the plane?” 

“Is everything okay?” the flight attendant asked, surprised that a passenger would request leaving first class. 

“No,” the passenger said.  “If I’m going to have to sit next to a loud, obnoxious guy who keeps violating my personal space, I might as well fly coach.”

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