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“Droids Suck! Blackberries Suck!”- An iphone Joke

December 18, 2011
An overall view of an LG EnV mobile/cell phone.

Yeah, you might laugh at this now, phone tool, but just you wait. Your precious technology will be obsolete by the time you're done reading this iphone joke. Bwa ha ha ha! Image via Wikipedia

 A mugger sneaked onto a college campus, seeking phone snobs to prey upon.  When he robbed his first student, the mugger pointed his gun at her and demanded her phone.  The student gave up her Droid, but it wasn’t good enough for the mugger. 

“Droids suck!” the mugger said.  “Give me your money and jewelry instead.”
The mugger ran off with the student’s money and jewelry, dissatisfied with his haul.  The next night he surprised another college student  and demanded his phone. 
When the college student gave up a Blackberry, the mugger again got angry.
“Blackberries suck!”  the mugger said.  “Doesn’t anybody on campus have an iphone?” he yelled.
Immediately, three phone tools (snobs) jumped out of nowhere from different directions eagerly waving their iphones and vying for the mugger’s attention.
The mugger put a gun to their heads, took their iphones, thanked the three phone tools, and ran off (A guy with a Droid stood in the background and recorded the mugging but didn’t call the police).
“I can’t believe that mugger stole my iphone,” the first phone tool said, dejected.  “I was the first person on campus to have an iphone, and now it’s gone.”
“I can’t believe that mugger stole my iphone,” the second phone tool said, even more dejected.  “I had all my personal information on my iphone, and now it’s gone.”
“I can’t believe that mugger stole my iphone,” the third phone tool said, the most dejected of them all.  “My iphone had way more cool features and apps than yours did, and I didn’t even get the chance to show him.”

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