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I’m Not Going There- A Penn State Joke

December 3, 2011

You have to be careful when telling a Penn State joke.  What (allegedly) happened at that institution of higher learning is pretty shocking.  Lives have been shattered, and you have to be sensitive to that.  Calling that university “Ped State” is not sensitive, and it’s not funny.  So if you’re going to tell a Penn State joke (and you probably shouldn’t), if you really have the urge to tell a Penn State joke (and I wouldn’t if I were you), if you absolutely have to tell a Penn State joke (and shame on you if you do), then you’d better be ready to take some grief for it. 



A Penn State football recruiter was visiting a highly regarded high school player.  The recruiter talked about the winning traditions of Penn State and its proud history (and stayed away from mentioning the Sandusky scandal), but despite the recruiter’s best efforts, the high school football player insisted he didn’t plan on going to Penn State. 

“Why not?” the recruiter asked, hesitantly.  “Is it because of any scandals that you’ve heard about?” 

“No, I don’t know about any scandals,” the high school football player said. 

“Really?” the recruiter said, perplexed.  “Is it about the coaching changes then?” 

“No, I don’t mind the coaching changes,” the football player said. 

“Is it about our bland uniforms?” the recruiter asked. 

“No, I don’t mind your uniforms,” the football player said. 

Puzzled, the recruiter asked, “Then why is it that you don’t want to come to Penn State?” 

“Because every other university set me up with some really hot college women on my recruiting visits,” the football player said.   “At Penn State, all I got was some old naked guy in the shower.”

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  1. That’s pretty as least offensive of a Penn State joke as one could make. Well-done!

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