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Terrorist Magazine Hires New American Editor- A War on Terror Joke

October 4, 2011

A major terrorist publication was looking to hire a new American editor after a U.S. drone had killed its previous one. A U.S. citizen trying to make it big in the writing profession (without having to spend all his time blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking) agreed to interview for the position, and he flew into Yemen to explain how he would make changes to increase the terrorist magazine’s circulation. 

“First of all,” the American interviewee said, “we need to change the focus of our feature columns.  Articles like “Best Holidays to Blow up Public Buildings” only appeal to a small segment of the population.  If you want to attract a greater percentage of impressionable males, you need articles like “72 Ways to be Pleased by a Virgin” or “Top Ten Must-See Porn Flicks” or “Bang for your Buck: Best Eastern European Strip Clubs!” 

The (temporary, though he didn’t know it) terrorist leader agreed with the American’s suggestions, and soon the American was hired.   When the American editor told his parents about his new job, they were concerned. 

“If you’re successful,” his parents said, “the U.S. government will send drones out to kill you.” 

“That’s why I’m writing about strippers and porn,” the new American editor replied.  “Even more terrorists will read my magazine, and nobody in the U.S. government will want to kill me.”

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