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When is it Okay for a White Person to Say (the N-Word)?

October 5, 2011

A white person was in a public place listening to two black people talking.  The two African-Americans were saying (the n-word) in a casual fashion, calling each other (the n-word), referring to other people as (n-words), and even once calling an inanimate object (the n-word). 

After eavesdropping for a few minutes, the white person finally asked, “Why is it okay for the two of you to say (the n-word), but it’s not okay for me to say (the n-word)?  Don’t you think that’s a double standard?” 

“No,” one of the black people said.  “When we say (the n-word), we know exactly what we mean.  When you say (the n-word), we don’t know exactly what you mean by it.” 

“Why would you want to say (the n-word) anyway?” the other African-American said.  “There is no good reason for a white person to say (the n-word) unless that’s what you really feel about us.  Do you want to say (the n-word) to us?” 

“No, of course not,” the white person responded.  “I would never actually say…uh, that.  You know, some of my best friends are… uh, I mean, I even voted for….  uh, I regularly give money to… uh…” 

After the white person hurriedly left, the first black person said, “He might be right.  Maybe we shouldn’t say (the n-word) to each other if we don’t want white people to say it anymore.” 

“Are you kidding me?” the other African-American said.  “After what white people have done to us over the last 400 years, this is the least we can do.”

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  1. I don’t understand.. is this a joke? or social commentary?

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