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President Obama Runs out of Money

July 20, 2011

President Obama was dining out one night and was about to order dessert when a presidential aide whispered into his ear, “Mr. President, I apologize for interrupting, but you’re out of money.” 

“Let me be clear,” President Obama said, “that is just partisan right-wing fear mongering.” 

“No, Mr. President,” the aide continued.  “Your personal budget is out of money.  We need your permission to pull money from another part of the budget and put it into your account.” 

The president and his aide spoke of money and budgets for a few minutes, and when the aide left, Obama relaxed by watching the restaurant television.  A montage of public figures being physically assaulted was being played on a news show.  Some guy was throwing a shoe at a former president from a few years ago.  A couple political speakers got hit in the face with pies.  A couple presidential candidates from the opposing party got glitter bombed. 

As President Obama watched and grinned, he noticed a child approaching him, holding something suspicious.  Before Obama could react, Secret Service agents jumped on the child, throwing him to the floor and frisking him. 

“Why were you rushing the president?” one agent, gun drawn, said to the boy. 

“Mmmfff, rrmmmfff, bbmmmfff,” the boy said, his face mashed against the floor. 

“Mr. President, this appears to be a piggy bank,” another agent said.  He shook the piggy and added, “There seems to be money inside.” 

After agents released the child, the boy regained his composure and said to President Obama, “Mr. President, I heard that you ran out of money, and I’d like to help.”  He took his piggy bank from the Secret Service agent and gave it to the president.  “I hope this is enough to pay your bill.” 

One of the aides whispered to Obama, “Mr. President, you can’t accept money from a child.” 

“Let me be frank,” President Obama replied.  “He’s going to have to pay for my spending sooner or later, so he might as well start now.”

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