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Prince William and Kate Middleton Break up Flash Mob Robbery

July 11, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton were on their way to a Hollywood gathering when they noticed a large crowd of young ruffians rapidly entering and exiting a department store. 

“What is going on?” Prince William asked his driver. 

“I believe that would be a flash mob robbery,” the driver said.  “The youth in the city communicate via a social networking site and coordinate a time and place to meet for a robbery. With so many kids involved, they figure their chances of getting caught are close to nil.” 

“That sounds exciting,” Kate said, clapping her hands.  “Let’s go watch.” 

As the heavily guarded royalty stepped amidst the crowd, a young thief was pounced upon by a security officer and forced to yield.  The young rascal was mumbling his ingratitude when Prince William stepped forward. 

“You seem like decent chap,” Prince William said.  “What would make you steal from a respected store like this?” 

The American rapscallion was startled that British royalty was speaking to him, but he recovered quickly.  “How is stealing from this store different from what you do?” 

“Whatever do you mean?” Prince William asked, shocked that he could be compared to this lower class lout. 

“You don’t work,” the thief retorted.  “Everything you do is paid for by the taxpayers of your country, and they don’t have a choice in whether or not they pay their taxes.  You take money from taxpayers, just like I take merchandise from this store, but people worship you.  I wish I could steal money from people and then be idolized for it.” 

“Chin up, young man,” Prince William said, getting closer and speaking quietly.  “You weren’t born into a royal family, and you’re definitely not going to marry into one, but if you want to steal other people’s money and have them thank you for it later, there’s still one course of action for you.” 

“What’s that?” the apprehended thief said. 

“Become a politician.”

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