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President Obama Speaks of Sacrifice at Press Conference

July 12, 2011

President Obama was talking at a press conference in between debt ceiling negotiations with Republicans.  Compromise was uncertain, and Obama was complaining about the lack of cooperation from his political opponents. 

“Let me be clear,” President Obama said.  “My critics need to man up, nut up, and shut up if they can’t offer any alternatives.  I will not rest until this nation’s financial stability is… uh… secured, and that may require some… uh… sacrifice from the nation’s wealthiest who need to pay more of their fair share.” 

“Mr. President,” a reporter from FOX News spoke up.  “You talk of sacrifice, and many Americans are sacrificing right now.  Unemployed Americans looking for work are sacrificing because employers won’t hire because of economic uncertainty based on high debt.  Seniors living on fixed incomes are sacrificing because of low interest rates.  Future generations, our children and grandchildren, will sacrifice paying off this debt the federal government is accumulating.” 

“Uh, is there a question in there?” Obama asked, wondering why a FOX reporter had been allowed to talk. 

“Many Americans are sacrificing now or will sacrifice because of this national debt.  What are you personally going to sacrifice, Mr. President?” 

President Obama nodded thoughtfully and said, “A second term?”

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