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Sarah Palin’s Original Paul Revere Speech

June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin was on her bus tour and was giving a practice speech to a group of supporters outside the Paul Revere House in Boston.  The reporters were just getting there and setting up, when one journalist (who must remain nameless so that we can get more rumors) noticed that another journalist was grinning.

“What are you smiling about?” the first journalist asked.  “You hate Sarah Palin.”

“You have to promise not to tell anybody this,” the second journalist said.  “A curator at the House museum despises Sarah Palin more than I do, and he fed Palin a bunch of wrong information about Paul Revere.  Listen.”

Sarah Palin was in the middle of her speech saying, “And as Paul Revere was riding through town, yelling ‘The British are coming! The British are coming,’ he passed by a brothel, and the madam of the brothel stuck her head out the window of her establishment and said, ‘We know, and they would appreciate some privacy.’  And that’s how Paul Revere warned the British.”

The first journalist stared at the second journalist.  “I can’t believe she just said that.”

The second journalist smirked and said, “Wait until she talks about where the term ‘tea bagger’ comes from.”


According to the rumor, Sarah Palin quickly rewrote the speech and got rid of all the controversial material… kind of.


Aaarrgh! I know this is a lame blog post.  As tempting as it is to delete it (and it’s tempting), I’m leaving it up to show my development as a blogger/writer.  Keep in mind that some of the people mentioned were public figure in 2011, and there was some crazy stuff going on with them.  Back then I saw this blog as practice because I knew nobody was reading it and I could experiment a little.  Looking back, I can see that some experiments go horribly wrong.

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