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Justin Bieber Gets into Fight with Selena Gomez

June 5, 2011
Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...

When you have a haircut like this, you’d better be able to sing. Image via Wikipedia

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were arguing in the back seat of their limo.  Selena had just seen a paparazzi shot in the tabloids of a girl kissing Justin, and she suspected he was cheating on her.  It was like a lame movie plot, but in this case life was imitating art (kind of).  Selena was ticked off, and Justin was trying to profess his innocence and love for her. 

“But baby, baby, baby, I…” Justin said, stammering. 

“Don’t call me baby, baby, baby!” Selena screamed. 

“But I’d never…” 

“Never say never to me!” Selena shrieked. 

Justin kept forgetting that Selena hated it when he accidentally used his cheesy lyrics in actual conversations.  Then he realized that she had just said, “Never say never,” but he knew this was a bad time to point that out to her. 

Selena mistook Justin’s hesitation as guilty silence, and she had the driver stop the limo.  She fled from the limo in tears and ran straight into a night club. 

Justin tried to follow her into the club, but a giant bouncer stepped into his path. 

“Whoa!” said the bouncer. “Let me see some ID, and then you gotta pay.” 

Justin Bieber pulled his hood back so that the bouncer could see that he was Justin Bieber.  “I’m Justin Bieber.  My girlfriend just ran into the club, and, yo, I have to talk to her.” 

“I’m sorry, but you’re too young, Beebs,” the bouncer said.  “You gotta be 21 to get into a bar like this.” 

“But, like, you just let Selena Gomez in there,” Justin said, noticing that the night club was filled predominantly with young (but not as young as Selena Gomez) women.  “She’s not old enough either.” 

“It’s ladies’ night,” the bouncer explained, “not ‘boy who sings like a lady’s’ night.”


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  1. leeza permalink

    hell yeah!!!! its over and justin is mine haha selena is single and lonley lmfao (laugh my freaking ass off) hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Ha but dat was just a fite all coupls hv fites dosnt min dey wont stil b 2geder. news flash justin dosnt even no u exist

    • Hey, as long as she loves him like a love song, baby, their relationship will be just fine. But as soon as she stops loving him like a love song baby, he’ll probably break up with her (or cheat).

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