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Michelle Obama Eats at a Fast Food Restaurant

May 28, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama walked into a fast food place and saw a guy sitting by himself eating an unhealthy meal with a huge burger, large fries, a large soda, and lots of pies.  She sat next to the gentleman and said, “Excuse me, sir, but none of this food is healthy.  Don’t you know that you’re killing yourself by eating all of this?”

The man was stunned because the First Lady was sitting next to him and she wasn’t wearing anything tacky.

When he recomposed himself, he realized that Michelle Obama was maligning his meal, and he became defensive.

“Mrs. First Lady, I voted for your husband, but if there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s a busybody butting into other people’s business.  What I eat is no concern of yours, and if I want to eat a combo meal at a fast food place, let me enjoy my combo meal at a fast food place.”

“How can you enjoy that?” the First Lady asked.  “It’s all fat and grease.”

“Have you ever tried it before?” the man responded.  When Michelle shook her head, the man continued, “Well, then you need to.  You can’t criticize something if you haven’t tried it.”

“Wait!” Michelle whispered.  “I can’t be seen eating a big hamburger like that.  Make sure they break the hamburger up and put it in a salad container.”

The man smiled and placed the order at the counter.  The man clarified, “And please crumble the hamburger into a salad container and cover it up with lettuce.”

When the man said this, the cashier called back to the manager in the kitchen, “Michelle Obama is here again!”


Aaarrgh! I know this is a lame blog post.  As tempting as it is to delete it (and it’s tempting), I’m leaving it up to show my development as a blogger/writer.  Keep in mind that some of the people mentioned were public figure in 2011, and there was some crazy stuff going on with them.  Back then I saw this blog as practice because I knew nobody was reading it and I could experiment a little.  Now I can see that some experiments go horribly wrong.

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  1. crape myrtle permalink

    Michelle looks like the untrue story could be true, it’s sad to say. Maybe hamburgers and fries every other night would help.

    Question, if we posters make dysfunctional posts, are you going to correct them? Argh!

    • We at Dysfunctional Literacy have a policy of correcting only our own mistakes, unless the offender is so obnoxious that we feel we have no choice. You do not seem to be obnoxious.

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