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Inappropriate (for kids) Comic Book Alert! Conan the Barbarian #24

July 12, 2020

I remember owning this comic book when I was seven years-old.  I don’t remember buying it, but I remember having it and reading it.  It’s actually a really good comic book, and it still is good.  It holds up, even after (almost) 50 years.

But was this appropriate for a seven year-old boy?

I just made a video (posted below) reviewing Conan the Barbarian #24.  This comic book was published maybe ten years before the first Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movie, and Conan in the comics wasn’t a muscle-bound Hulk-like brute yet.  Conan was uncivilized, but he was cunning and quick with a sense of honor.

Looking at it again, this comic book had everything anti-comic child psychologists were concerned about: magic/occult, extreme violence, sexy women, and phallic symbols.  In other words, it was great!

But should this have been marketed/sold to kids in 1972?

What do you think?  Was this comic book appropriate for kids?

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  1. Never thought of Conan comics as for kids. I was around twenty-five when the first Conan comic was ever printed and I started collecting them. I bought every single issue faithfully for years even after I stopped actually reading them. I bought all the specials and the Sword issues. I had all of Robert E. Howard’s books and some delicious artwork put out by Gorblimey Press. Sadly I practically gave away the complete collection for practically nothing in 2005 when I was ‘downsizing’ my home. Breaks my heart. I think I still have my Conan gum cards, my Conan medallion and my Conan action figure and a very old and very tiny Conan t-shirt and a slurpee cup that I washed too hard and damaged the Conan figure. I was a REAL fan. I even bought all the Groo comics and Cerebus comics simply because they were take-offs on Conan.

    • I liked Cerebus and Groo too. Groo was easy to read. Cerebus took a little effort. I think I was in high school when I discovered Cerebus, so I kind of understood enough of it to be entertained.

      Haha! It sounds like our collections were similar!

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