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The ONE Book That Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Life!!

November 30, 2018

(image via wikimedia)

When I first heard of one book that taught you everything you needed to know about life, I got excited and hurriedly bought a copy.  It wasn’t a self-help book, so I wouldn’t look like a loser buying it.

Back then (I was in high school at the time), I thought only losers bought self-help books.  Buying a self-help book was admitting to the public that you had problems, and I was taught to keep your problems to yourself.

This book that supposedly taught so much was a literary classic, so I knew I’d look intelligent by purchasing it.  It was better to appear intelligent than to look like a loser.  Buying a self-help book disguised as classic literature was brilliant, I thought.

But then I started reading this book that could teach me everything I needed to know about life.  I learned that I was gullible.  And life was brutal.  Once you learn you’re gullible in a brutal world, you’re ahead of almost everybody else.

Maybe that was all I needed to learn from a book.

  1. Yeah, and everything else from life. No wait a sec, that enormous piece of knowledge can’t be asorbed all at once. You have to learn it over and over and over again. At least I do, because my soul wants to live in a very different reality.

  2. I like Vonnegut and I like Brothers Karamazov, but the one book that teaches you everything you need to know about life is, oddly, The Chicago Manual of Style. After listing several core grammatical rules of usage, this authoritative style manual gives the final rule, which is the ultimate guideline for life as well as for writing: “Break a rule when it doesn’t work.”

    • You know… I think you make a good case for The Chicago Manual of Style.

      It’s easier for me to read than The Brothers Karamazov. I don’t have to rely on somebody else’s translation. And I can apply most of the lessons to my writing. There might be a video idea in this! Thank you!

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