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Late Night Writing: Revising Dialogue

November 27, 2018

(image via wikimedia)

Writing dialogue that sounds realistic is difficult.  A lot of characters in fiction talk the same way, or sound campy, or seem overly formal/stiff.  Very few authors can write dialogue that sounds like the way people actually talk.

I recorded this late night writing session over a week ago while I was revising  Awkward Moments in Dating: The Bailout , which I put on this blog last week.  If you watch the video and read the story, you can see some of the changes that I made.

I might have made a mistake trying to revise this dialogue scene at night.  When I write in the middle of the night, I usually come up with new scenes because my brain is whirling in several directions at once.

I usually reserve editing and revising for times when my brain is calm and more precise.  But revising at night is better than not revising at all… unless I really mess something up.


Haha!  Talk about messed up!  The video is no longer available. I didn’t get much revising done anyway.

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