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Words I Still Can’t Say In Front of Kids

October 4, 2018

Sometimes I think my kids will laugh at anything. (image via wikimedia)

I fell for it again!  I was announcing my fast-food order in the drive-through line, and I didn’t stop myself from saying, “I’d like a number two meal!”

My daughter laughed.  It’s true.  My 16-year old daughter who prides herself on her maturity actually laughed when I said “Number two.”

She has been laughing at this number for many years.  You’d think her sense of humor would change a bit as she gets older, and in many ways it has, but there are still some juvenile words and phrases that she reacts to.

In the video below, I talk about some of the words that have made my kids laugh over time.  I wrote a lot of it in a blog post several years ago, but I guess some things will never change much.


  1. so funny, i totally get this

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