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Reading and Writing: Which One Is More Important?

October 15, 2017

It’s been a hectic month. We’re still fixing storm damage to the house, the daughters have busy school schedules and need to be driven around, work has gone crazy again, and even when I plan things out perfectly. I don’t have time to read AND to write. Even on a good day, I can choose one, but I can’t do both.

At some point every day, I find myself holding a book and staring at the computer, and I ask:

Should I read, or should I write?

Dysfunctional Literacy

This would be a crummy way to read AND a crummy way to write. (image via Wikimedia) This would be a crummy way to read AND a crummy way to write. (image via Wikimedia)

It might not be the most pressing debate of our time. Until the chicken and the egg dispute is resolved, I feel guilty even bringing this up. But I feel guilty about a lot of things, so I might as well add this to the list.  Which is more important, reading or writing?

There’s a reason I ask this question. The next couple weeks are going to be busier than normal. My family is moving, so discretionary time will be limited for a while. I can usually get about 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of writing every weeknight (if everything falls into place), but now I might be lucky to get just 15 minutes of one. So for a couple weeks, I’ll have to choose. Do I use my limited spare time for…

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  1. i’d say you’ve struck a good balance and keep it going. lower your expectations of fluid text but put in the minutes spilling ink!

  2. In order to write well, you have to read a lot. I’ve only started to write lately after reading a lot my whole life.

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