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8 Rules of Writing That Are Easy to Break

October 8, 2017

As aspiring authors, it’s important for us to develop our own styles to separate ourselves from everybody else. Being unique means sometimes breaking rules that we were taught in school or in writing groups. Even though I don’t mind breaking the rules of writing anymore, it’s good to be reminded what those rules are every once in a while.

Dysfunctional Literacy

P writing blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a lot of rules to writing (and I think I just broke five of them with this opening sentence), so many that I won’t even try to list all of them.  As an amateur, I read about rules of writing because I want to improve.  But I’ve found that when I try to follow the rules too closely, my writing sounds like somebody who is trying to follow the rules of writing.

Since I don’t get paid to write for Dysfunctional Literacy, I’ve decided to write the way I want to write, and I’ve noticed that I tend to break some common rules about writing.  Maybe breaking these rules will keep me from becoming a successful author.  I don’t know.  Maybe breaking these rules will help.  Either way, here are some common rules of writing that I sometimes break.


Nobody should do…

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  1. It’s called artistic licence…

  2. I think it’s…Rules of writing which are easy to…but I obsess too much. I’ve just recently started to notice how badly peope use that, who and which…but again, I obsess too much.

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