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6 Reasons Why Football is the Best Sport Ever!

September 10, 2017

Even though there’s a bunch of crazy stuff going on around the world and in all our personal lives, I’m excited because today is the first full day of the NFL season. I won’t be able to sit down and watch the games (because of all that crazy stuff), but I’m still glad that the games are on.

Despite all the problems with football (concussions, off the field behavior, etc.), I still think it’s a great sport, and I’ll defend the game of football to the bitter end.

Dysfunctional Literacy

English: Houston Texans cheerleaders at an eve... Cheerleaders might be a great reason to watch football, but they don’t make the top six list! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The same thing happens every autumn.  Football season begins, and my intellectual friends wonder why I spend so much time watching it instead of reading books and writing schlock.  I don’t wear face paint or get into drunken brawls, but I’ll flip channels and go split-screen to watch several games at once, and I’ll yell and curse even though I’m usually a quiet guy.  This puzzles my intellectual friends.  I’m supposed to be a smart guy (I think I still have most of them fooled), yet during football season, I don’t always show it.

So every fall, instead of hiding my love for football, I defend it by trying to explain what makes (American) football so awesome.  At first, it was difficult to explain.  I couldn’t find the words except for…

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