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British House of Lords Guy (maybe) Puts Bounty on U.S. Presidents

April 17, 2012
President George W. Bush and President-elect B...

These presidents look kind of relaxed for two guys with (maybe) bounties on them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The “maybe” in this story is kind of important. 

Some guy from the British House of Lords has been suspended from the Labor Party for controversial comments about maybe putting a bounty on Presidents Bush and Obama (and some guy named Tony Blair). 

The reason the Labor Party has to look into what this House of Lords guy said is because he didn’t write the comments himself.  He said them in an interview, and the quotes were printed in a newspaper (one I don’t read), and the video (if there actually is one) hasn’t been made public yet. 

So nobody is really sure what exactly the British House of Lords guy said yet.  

Hold on because there actually is a point to all this. 

First of all, the British House of Lords guy says he wasn’t suggesting a bounty be put on Presidents Bush and Obama or on former Prime Minister Tony Blair, so followers of international affairs have to rely on what a journalist wrote for a newspaper.  Personally, I hate relying on what a journalist wrote.  I can’t even remember the exact  words that I’ve used in conversations; I’m not going to trust that a journalist can get somebody else’s exact words right, even if that journalist was writing down the exact words as they were being spoken. 

The British House of Lords guy said he wasn’t putting a bounty on anybody.  He says he was criticizing policies of Bush and Tony Blair where they put bounties on suspected terrorists, but he claims he never put bounties on anybody, especially not on President Obama.  I hope nobody would be stupid enough to put a bounty on President Obama (my words, not the British House of Lords guy’s words). 

What the British House of Lords guy says he said makes sense in the “that’s probably what he meant” kind of way.  Whether or not you agree that bounty policies and war on terrorism policies are stupid, those arguments are for other blogs. 

Hold on.  We’re finally getting to the point. 

If the British House of Lords guy had just written his “bounty” statement instead of saying it, the debate over what he meant would be much shorter.  Then again, if he had written his comment himself and had actually suggested that a bounty be placed on Bush, Obama, and Blair, there would be no way for him to deny that’s what he meant.  Then he’d really be in trouble, and he’d have to say something even more stupid, like somebody had hacked into his Twitter account. 

What’s the lesson?  If you’re going to make a controversial or unpleasant statement, make sure you say it rather than write it.  That way, if the controversial statement backfires, you can always claim that wasn’t what you said or what you meant. 

The other potential lesson?  If you’re being interviewed by a journalist, make your own recording (or video) of it so that when the journalist (probably) screws it up, you have evidence that the journalist screwed it up. 


As an “ignorant” American, I probably shouldn’t write about international affairs, but I can’t promise to stop.  I just heard that an Italian guy partied with some pole dancing nun strippers.  Are you kidding me?

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  1. I think the lesson should be “don’t talk to anybody, don’t videotape yourself, don’t make written statements, don’t leave comments on blogs… Ooops.

    • I think it would be okay if people talked less (but people shouldn’t stop talking altogether). There’s nothing wrong with videotaping yourself as long as you’re wearing clothes. Be very careful with your written statements. I think blog comments are awesome (way better than “like” buttons, though I have nothing against a “like” button). Message boards? I just don’t know.

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