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Facebook Marine vs. President Obama

April 8, 2012
Marine practice MCMAP after being sprayed with OC

Remember, this is nothing compared to what's going to happen to you if you criticize the president on Facebook! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s pretty simple.  If you’re a normal guy and you want to stay employed, you don’t criticize your boss in public (or on Facebook).  If you’re in the military and you want to continue serving your country, you don’t criticize your superiors, including the President of the United States, in public (or on Facebook). 

Recently there was a marine who put his unfavorable opinions about the president on Facebook, and now it looks like the Facebook marine is going to be discharged in a way that is not honorable. 

If you’re scoring this, it would be Obama-1  Facebook Marine- 0. 

Unfortunately for the Facebook marine, the story might not be over yet. 

Taking on a President of the United States publicly is usually a bad idea.  Here’s what can happen to common citizens who try to take on the President of the United States publicly. 

*You lose your job.  

*The I.R.S. comes after you after you’ve lost your job (completely coincidental, of course). 

*Journalists sympathetic to the president dig into your past and make public everything you’ve done wrong (and may accidentally make up a few things that you can’t disprove, like you cheated on your taxes and that’s why you’re being audited by the I.R.S.). 

*You get called a racist (a new wrinkle unique to our current president). 

So far, the score is merely Obama- 1 Facebook Marine- 0, and if the marine is lucky (and the president decides to show mercy), that’s where the score will stay. 

The only good thing about taking on the President of the United States is that you become an instant celebrity to others who can’t stand the current president.  But beware!  This fame can be short-lived. 

Where is Cindy Sheehan now anyway? 

If you absolutely have to take on the President of the United States, do it anonymously.  No matter who the president is, there is always a group of critics that will eagerly publish anything bad about him.  Let them do your complaining for you, and then you can keep your job (unless you don’t really want your job anyway.)  

If you’re a conservative complaining about a Democrat president, take your complaint to FOX News.  If you’re a liberal complaining about a Republican president, take your gripe to the New York Times, or CNN, or NBC. 

But the important lesson here is that if you want to keep your job, especially if you’re in the military, you never badmouth your boss in public.  And if you badmouth your boss, you never put it in writing.  And if you badmouth your boss in writing, you never, ever… ever… put it on Facebook.

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  1. And if the Marine is really unlucky, the President may even (oh no) un-friend him!

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