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No Cutting in Line! A High Price of Gas Joke

February 23, 2012
English: Woman in bikini.

Most guys would probably let her cut in a grocery store line, but a gas line is a different kind of beast. Image via Wikipedia

The price of fuel was skyrocketing again, and a guy was sitting in his car at a gas station with his hot girlfriend.  This gas station had the lowest prices in town, and hot girlfriends can get expensive (in a legal way), so the guy had to save money where he could.  Since there were about ten cars in front of them, the couple was starting to get impatient. 

“You hide,” said the hot girlfriend.  “I bet I can get some lonely guy to let me cut in line if they don’t see you with me.” 

Knowing that his hot girlfriend could be persuasive, the guy agreed.  The hot girlfriend got out of the car, spotted a lonely guy a few cars up, and sauntered over to him. 

“I’m sorry to bother you,” she said to the lonely guy, batting her eye lids.  “I’m in a hurry.  Would you mind letting me cut in line?” 

“Get lost, bimbo!” the lonely guy said.  “This is a gas line!” 

Undaunted, the hot girlfriend spotted another guy a few cars farther up the line. 

“If it was just me, I’d let you through,” the second lonely guy said after hearing the hot girlfriend’s request.  “But there are a dozen cars behind me, and they’d kill me if I let you cut.” 

The hot girlfriend was starting to lose her confidence.  She couldn’t recall ever being rejected by two lonely guys in a row.  It was unprecedented.  Still, she was hot and in a skimpy outfit, so she knew there was a lonely guy somewhere that would let her cut in line.  Up near the very front, she saw a lonely guy sitting in his car.  If she could get to him, she would be next in line. 

“Are you kidding me?” the third lonely guy said.  “I haven’t seen a gas line this long since Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.  You’re going to have to wait it out.” 

Shaken, the hot girlfriend returned to her boyfriend.  “I just realized that I must be getting old,” the hot girlfriend said sadly. 

“Don’t be hard on yourself,” the guy said.  “Gas lines are notoriously merciless.  Nobody was going to let anybody cut.” 

“That’s not it,” the hot girlfriend said.  “Some guy made a Jimmy Carter reference, and I actually knew what he was talking about.”

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