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Teacher Says No Child Left Behind Causes Cheating

September 28, 2011

It was standardized test time, and a public school teacher who was about to retire was administering the examination to her homeroom.  The kids had just begun, and the teacher was emphasizing a couple very important points. 

“Remember, I cannot help you with any answers,” she said.  “I can only help you with the directions.”  As she said this, she pointed to answer A on question #3 to several students. 

“Remember to make your pencil marks dark and neat,” she continued, pointing to answer D on question #6 on several students’ answer sheets. 

A test monitor peeking in from the hallway saw the retiring teacher and hurried into the classroom. 

“Don’t help the students,” the monitor whispered.  “With President Obama changing the No Child Left Behind law, we don’t have to cheat anymore to keep our jobs.” 

“Help the students?” the retiring teacher said in a low voice.  “These little turds have given me so much grief this year, I’m giving them the wrong answers.”

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