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NCAA President Stops Conference Realignment for One Year

September 27, 2011

NCAA President Mark Emmert was speaking to major-college athletic directors when he announced that a one-year moratorium of conference realignment would go into effect at the end of the 2011 football season. 

“This has gotten out of control,” Emmert said.  “The Big 10 has 12 teams, and the Big 12 has 10 teams, and next year the Big 12 will have 9 teams.  The Pacific 12 has midwestern teams.  It’s gotten to the point where college conferences can’t count and don’t know their geography.” 

Emmert continued.  “Teams from the Big 12 are trying to get into the SEC, Big 10, and PAC-12.  Big East teams are going into the ACC.  Teams from the Mountain West are going into the WAC, or teams from the WAC are going into the Mountain West.  The Big 12 is trying to get teams from the WAC, Mountain West, and Conference USA.  Several conferences are on the verge of turning into 16-team super-conferences, and the idea of super-conferences is giving me a super headache.” 

“Do you really think a one year moratorium will calm everything down?” an athletic director asked. 

“It’ll calm me down,” Emmert fumed.  “I’ll need a year just to figure out what conference everybody’s in.”

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  1. Ryan Kantor permalink

    So is the 1 year break official? Sounds good. The last thing we need are teams getting scared of being left in a dead conference and moving so their not left in a non-BCS conference. The Big East just got real weak losing 2 more teams. They simply don’t have enough teams and now that TCU has moved there, they’ll be getting a free trip to a BCS bowl. Pretty cheap. I had a guest blogger write something on this topic in my league. Give it a read if your interested.

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