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Sarah Palin Decides to Run Not to Run for President

September 6, 2011

Sarah Palin was on a bus tour in a Republican primary state, and journalists who kept insisting she had no chance of becoming president kept on following her.  After a rousing speech, she took questions from the press, who kept asking her if she was going to run for president.  When she refused to give a yes-or-no answer, they badgered her by telling her the polls had her in single digits. 

“Polls are for strippers to dance around and Russians to conquer,” Sarah Palin said.  “My decision will not be based on polls.” 

After much bantering back and forth, a family at the back of the crowd finally started chanting, “Four, three, two, one! Tell us if you’re going to run!” 

“Wow!” one journalist said to another.  “Palin should know things are getting bad when even Tea Partiers are getting impatient with her.” 

“Tea Partiers?” the other journalist said.  “That’s Sarah Palin’s family.”

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