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Obama Impersonator Fools Keith Olbermann in Current TV Debut

June 21, 2011

Keith Olbermann’s new show had barely been in production for a few days, and he had already ticked off his staff and crew. 

“I’ve had enough of this egomaniac,” a producer said.  “Let’s book that Obama impersonator that got kicked off stage at a GOP rally and act like he’s the real president.” 

So the producer booked the Obama impersonator and then told Keith Olbermann that he had scheduled President Obama to be interviewed for their Current TV debut.  Keith was so ecstatic that he didn’t notice all the snickering behind his back. 

“I’m honored to have you here on our first show,” Keith Olbermann said at the beginning of the interview, perplexed because the president looked slightly different in person. 

“It’s an honor to be interviewed by the man who created ESPN,” the impersonator said.  “Without ESPN, there would be no NCAA brackets, and without the brackets, I don’t know how I would occupy my time in March.  I’d probably have to play more golf.” 

Olbermann didn’t laugh, but instead asked a bunch of foreign policy questions and was surprised that President Obama was being rather flippant in his responses.  Then he returned to domestic issues and asked about the candidates in the Republican primary. 

“They’re either light-skinned, thin-skinned, or both,” the impersonator said, pausing to see if anybody was offended.  “The GOP organizers led me off stage as soon as I started making fun of their own candidates, but to be fair, they did let me speak for 20 minutes.  That’s 20 minutes more than most black people get to speak at a Republican event.” 

Olbermann shook his head, extremely confused.  “You spoke at a Republican rally?  I thought it was a fake Obama that performed there.” 

When the impersonator said, “Let me be clear, my birth certificate is more authentic than his,” Keith Olbermann knew he’d been had. 

Olbermann was incensed, and after the interview, he ranted at his crew, and threatened to fire them.  But when the producer explained that they would edit the video to make Olbermann look like he was in on the joke, he slowly calmed down. 

“I should have realized before we started taping that he wasn’t the real president,” Olbermann admitted. 

“When he didn’t have any Secret Service agents with him?” the producer replied. 

“No,” Olbermann responded.  “When he said that he needed a few minutes to get into character and that he didn’t need a teleprompter.”



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  1. crape myrtle permalink

    I really liked the addition of the drawing.

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