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All Quiet on the Western Front- Great Novel from a Stupid War

May 12, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

By Erich Maria Remarque 

Yeah, it’s told from the German point of view, but it’s still worth reading. 


If you want to make the case that all war is stupid, okay.  I’m not sitting in my rocker in the safety of my home smoking my pipe and nodding my head saying, “World War II, now THAT was a smart war.”  All I’m saying is that some wars at least have an objective or a point.  The Civil War was meant to keep the Union together, and millions of people got slaughtered, but the issue was settled.   World War I had no point, it got millions of people slaughtered, it didn’t really solve anything, and it led to World War II just a couple decades later where millions of more people again got slaughtered.  It was almost like a war just for war’s sake, and that was stupid. 

If we at Dysfunctional Literacy have offended any fans of World War I, we apologize. 


All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the few books that explores the psychological and emotional damage war causes for the soldiers.  Even today, when graphic descriptions of violence are common in novels, there aren’t many authors willing to get as emotionally deep as AQOTWF.  Plus, it’s not preachy.  Also, it’s pretty short.  Finally, it’s just a damn good book.

  1. I haven’t read my way all through your blog yet, so I don’t know if you cover the two greatest “War Sucks” works of literature (or at least pretty close as I haven’t read every one, of course): THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK and CATCH-22.

    • I hate admitting this, but I’ve never heard of the first book you mentioned, but if you say that it’s one of the greatest “war sucks” books ever, I’ll have to read it.

  2. I am glad my suggestion piqued your interest. Unless, you speak Czech (which I don’t), it’s a little tricky to get hold of a good translation. I have no connection with or financial benefit from, but the following links you to what may be the best translation: In the meantime, stay away from wars, unless you have to defend yourself.

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