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President Obama Visits the First School Named after Him

May 10, 2011
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

“Uh… Let me be clear… This President Obama joke… uh… is not funny.” Image via Wikipedia

A few months into his administration, President Obama decided to visit the first elementary school named after him, Barack H. Obama Elementary.   He was understandably proud and knew the children (and maybe even the teachers and administrators) would be excited to see him visit. 

As the presidential motorcade rolled up to the school, Obama noticed that the Obama hope flag was flying level next to the United States flag, and that made him happy. 

 As Obama and his entourage entered the school, he saw artistic posters of his image all over the school walls, and that made him happy. 

 As Obama entered the school library, he saw that a whole row of books was devoted to his two memoirs, and that made him happy. 

 As Obama entered the cafeteria, he saw food preparation staff steaming vegetables and inspecting fresh fruit for the children to eat and nourish themselves, and that made him happy (or at least made the First Lady happy). 

 As Obama entered the school auditorium, he heard students chanting “Obama!  Obama!” and then heard the school choir sing a hymn of Obama’s praises, and this made him happy.

Then just as Obama was beginning his speech to the children, the students began a unified prayer.  At first he thought perhaps the prayer was directed at him, but then he realized that the kids were actually praying to God, and this did not make President Obama happy. 

Obama turned to the school’s principal and said, “Don’t you know that a led prayer at a public school is unconstitutional?” 

“Yes, Mr. President,” the administrator stammered.  “I think it’s a spontaneous prayer, and they’re only doing it today because you’re here.” 

Obama was relieved.  “Let me be clear, then.  These students are praying for my safety.” 

“No, Mr. President.  They’re praying that you won’t talk too long.”

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