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The Sunset Rises: A 1990s Romantic Comedy… Now on Kickstarter!

December 12, 2022

I just started the Kickstarter campaign for my first novel The Sunset Rises: A 1990s Romantic Comedy (which you can find at ).

I like The Sunset Rises (and I don’t always like what I’ve written). I think The Sunset Rises is funny and might actually have some literary merit to it as well. I think it compares very favorably with other books out there.

The Sunset Rises might be the only novel I ever write. This one took me almost ten years. I wrote the rough draft in 2013-2014, and then it sat for a while. I goofed off. I wrote other stuff. I’d come back to The Sunset Rises (it had a different title until about 6 months ago) and tinker with it. So by the time I finally publish this book in 2023, I will have spent ten years on it.

I’m like the opposite of James Patterson: he writes at least ten books in one year, and I write only one book in ten years.

I don’t have plans to write any other novels. This one might be it. I have no sequels planned. I have no story ideas for The Sunset Also Rises. In fact, I have no other book ideas at all. Who knows? I might write another book, but right now I have no plans to.

I’ll keep writing stuff for this blog, though. I haven’t written much for Dysfunctional Literacy for a while, but that’s because The Sunset Rises has taken all my creative energy. I can’t blog much and write my book at the same time.

Anyway, I like The Sunset Rises a lot. I think I’m continuing to make it better. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into it. If you support it on Kickstarter, I’d really appreciate it. And I think you’ll get a pretty good book out of it!

Again, you can check out The Sunset Rises at . The project page also has a link to my sample chapter.

Thank you!

  1. The premise looks great. I love the tagline ‘A 1990s Romantic Comedy’ – my favourite.

  2. Great cover!

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