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Top Ten COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

August 4, 2020

They’ll make you beg for the vaccine, but they won’t know the side-effects until you do.

Conspiracy theorists are all over COVID-19, and who can blame us?  The government tells us to social distance and wear masks, but government officials constantly break their own rules.  The media tell us COVID-19 is a life-or-death crisis, but they still frame their stories in immature ways to pit groups of people against each other.

Of course, conspiracy theorists are going to be obsessed over COVID-19.  I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist (I’m just a novice), but the government and media are forcing normal people like us into it.

Just to be clear, I’m not convinced about any of the following theories.  I’m just interested in them.  Each one COULD be true, but I need more information before I know for sure, and I might never know for sure.

With that said, here are the top ten COVID-19 conspiracy theories:

10.  Massive Kill-off

COVID-19 is a government-controlled massive kill-off of old people and others considered to be drains on the financial system.  States like New York and New Jersey put sick patients into closed environments like nursing homes and then blamed public behavior when COVID-19 cases skyrocketed in their states.

At the time, very few news outlets mentioned the government actions; it was too much fun blaming obnoxious New Yorkers.

9.  Big City Bailouts

Most major U.S. cities have huge pension issues that are destroying long-term city budgets.  By using COVID-19 to shut down everything, cities can wreck their economies, blame COVID-19, and demand federal bailouts that will be so bloated that they’ll cover for the pensions too.

Of course, the current politicians will probably steal that money as well.

8. Trade War with China

Some politicians are using the “China virus” to create more resentment against China and build American support for a tough trade war.  Maybe the virus came from China. Or maybe it didn’t.  Maybe the the spread was intentional.  Or maybe it wasn’t.  Either way, it’s a great reason to start a trade war.

7.  Permanent Underclass

The U.S., like every other country, has a large underclass.  Unlike most countries, if you follow a certain template, you can get out of that underclass and be productive.  The COVID-19 lockdowns have destroyed that template, making it extremely difficult to get out of that underclass, which means more people are reliant upon government.

6.  Election Interference

Because of COVID-19, politicians want to make sudden changes in the election process such as changing voting dates or enacting massive mail-in votes.  No matter what changes are (or aren’t) made, somebody is going to distrust the results. And that might be the whole point.

5.  Conflict Misdirection 

Much like the election process arguments, the mask vs. non-mask is one of the dumbest public debates I’ve seen, both in topic and intensity, and it didn’t have to be that way.  Government officials botched the explanation for the masks and then went full-authoritarian and tried to apply one-size-fits-all rules for everybody.

While people argue over this and other stupid stuff, government scammers get away with a bunch of other stuff we don’t notice

4.   Invasive Testing Tolerance

The COVID-19 nostril test is an obnoxious invasive test.  Is it necessary?  I don’t know.  Is it accurate?  I don’t know.  But a lot of people accept it, which means they’ll accept other invasive tests/procedures, like vaccines (that are rushed out before long-term side-effects can be known).

3.  Pharmaceutical Profits

Pharmaceutical companies are rushing to find a vaccine for COVID-19, and whoever comes up with one (or convinces the government/public that it’s come up with one) will make a ton of money.  Which politicians are the successful companies connected to?  Which politician’s family-members work with those pharmaceutical companies?  Which politicians get mad when asked these questions?

2.  Herd Control

The lockdowns have made a lot of people really nervous and maybe even desperate.  People without jobs have lost all their savings.  Business owners have lost everything, even though they followed all the rules.  Desperate people can be easily controlled… with a paycheck.  And the government can then make that paycheck depend on certain terms and conditions.  With that comes… government control.

1.  Pre-test for Upcoming Schemes

The government lockdown is a test of the American people to see how much we’ll accept without pushback.  Lockdowns.  Prodding.  Masks/goggles.  Social distancing.  Now the powers-that-be have a good idea of who will be compliant and who will resist.  They know who will tattle on others.  Now that they know all this, the government (or the powers-that-be) can move on to the next phase of their plan.

As far as conspiracy theories go, these are just the beginning.  Are these theories valid?  My parents grew up with the constant threat of polio, which killed people in higher rates and crippled people who survived.  Government reaction to polio wasn’t this drastic or polarizing (from what they say).

Maybe the current government reaction has saved lives.  Maybe, but the government is also acting very sneaky.  And hiding stuff.  And changing stories.  And acting immature. And acting draconian.  Put all of that together, and of course you’re going to have conspiracy theorists.

Oh yeah, just so you know, the moon landings were fake.


What do you think?  What is your favorite COVID-19 conspiracy theory?  Which theories work together well?  Which theories contradict each other?

  1. Don’t forget the complete destruction of the middle class, and either a real life Purge or Hunger Games. I have tinfoil hats in multiple styles if you need one 😉

    • Do you have any with Marvel superheroes, preferably Spider-Man or Thor? Those are tough to find.

      • Sorry for the late response, I’ve been “off grid” (prepping for Marvel’s Zombie Apocalypse). Pretty sure that that the new vaccine was developed at Horizon labs or LabCentral (oh wait, wrong Peter Parker)

  2. Anonymous permalink

    This addresses all of these conspiracy theories and more

    • You weren’t kidding about the “…and more” part. Yeesh!

      As far as conspiracy theories go, there wasn’t much overlap between The Atlantic and my blog post. The only crossover conspiracy theory was the rush for vaccinations.

      Anyway, I’m not writing this to argue about whether or not the theories are valid. I’m just listing them and watching events unfold and adjusting my plans as things happen.

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