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The Worst Book Trailer Ever!

March 26, 2020

This is just a picture.  The real trailer is at the end of the post.

It takes a lot to be the worst book trailer ever.  I haven’t seen every book trailer ever, I admit that, but I’ve seen enough of them to know that they always suck.

Book trailers don’t have to suck, but most of them make the same mistakes.  First of all, book trailers shouldn’t put the author into the book trailer unless the writer oozes cool (statistically impossible), is already famous (which means he/she probably isn’t really the writer), a sexy woman with great cleavage (who cares if she really wrote the book!), or is already a famous writer (which means fans know he is an ugly slob).  Otherwise, don’t let the author talk about the book in the video.  In fact, it’s even better to pretend the book doesn’t have an author.

Yeah, I have made a few book trailers that suck. That was kind of the point.  I made book trailers that suck because even authors with infinite resources make book trailers that suck (so I didn’t feel bad that mine sucked too), and now I have the best proof ever.

I know this is a comic book trailer, but it still counts as a book because book stores sells comic books (usually under the “graphic novel” euphemism).  Plus, this trailer was put out by Marvel Entertainment.  Marvel Entertainment has almost unlimited resources, and if they can’t make a good book trailer, nobody can.

I grew up loving Marvel Comics.  Marvel Comics were awesome in the 1970s when I began collecting them.  Yeah, not all of them held up over time.  Yeah, a lot of comic books that I enjoyed as a kid turned out to be kind of stupid as an adult.  But nothing that I read back then looks as bad as what’s promoted in the trailer below.

This trailer has bad cheesy music that even I wouldn’t have used.  The author looks like he could have been my older brother, except my older brother is way cooler than this guy.  The trailer almost makes me not want to read any comic books ever again, but instead I just won’t read this particular comic.  I have never down-voted a video before, but I almost did here (I value my principles more than I despise this trailer).

If you follow comic books, you probably already know about this comic book trailer.  It has one of the worst ratios in YouTube history.  I sometimes take unpopular opinions just to try it, but even I can’t justify this trailer.  Stan Lee couldn’t justify this.  If you don’t know anything about comics, that’s okay.  You can still tell that this comic book trailer sucks.

So here it, the WORST BOOK TRAILER EVER!!!


What do you think?  Is this truly the worst book trailer ever?  If not, what book trailer is worse?  Which book trailers come close?

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Nope. Nailed it in one….horrid…:)

  2. Nope. Nailed it in one. Awful.

  3. This trailer is GREAT

    …at being terrible!

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