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How to Deal with a Political Junkie

July 7, 2019

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Being around political junkies can be tough because they can get crazy about politics at any moment.  You probably know what I’m talking about.   During an election, every conversation can turn into a one-sided, long-winded lecture.  If you dare disagree with a political junkie, the lecture can turn into an endless argument.

Even when the election is over, the junkie follows every news item and has an instant knee-jerk opinion.  It never ends, especially with social media stirring things up.

Political junkies can be in a constant state of agitation, and it’s difficult for a non-junkie like me to keep an even frame of mind.  When I tell political junkies that not everything is about politics, they tell me that I’m the problem because I don’t get involved enough.

I then tell the junkie that his/her behavior makes problems worse because of the endless arguments that make people furious, and people can’t solve problems when they’re angry.  And then the friendship (or the pleasant work relationship) ends.

Political junkies usually aren’t interested in dialogue.  They talk fast and interrupt immediately.  Watch out when they say “We need to have an honest conservation…” because the political junkie’s definition of conversation probably isn’t the same as yours (unless you’re a political junkie).

I’m a non-confrontational guy, but I need to keep an even disposition when I’m with political junkies, especially at work.  If you’re in the same position as I, here are some strategies you can use to help deal with a political junkie:

1.  Avoid news in conversation.

Political Junkies love to have news channels on their televisions or phones.  The constant updates and commentary gets their agitation up and makes them irritable and argumentative.  Try to change the topic of conversation, if possible.  Sports and reality shows are your best bets.

If you live with a political junkie, change the channel to a sports station (if they’re not arguing about politics on it) whenever you get the chance or an animal channel, preferably one with puppies and kittens.

2.  Call every politician a dick.

Political junkies will idolize politicians from their own party and then vilify opposing politicians, even when all the politicians engage in the exact same behavior.  I just call every politician a dick.  It’s liberating.  You don’t have to defend anybody’s behavior or stupid comments.

Plus, you don’t have to waste any energy thinking of clever responses.  In today’s society, the word dick can apply to everyone.  If the word dick offends you, you can find another term.  Jerk is acceptable.

 3. Wear headphones.

If the political junkie sees you wearing headphones, he/she will know that you will have to turn off the volume and remove your headphones before the conversation can begin.  Plus, you can pretend that you don’t see or hear the political junkie.  Since getting your attention will now take time and effort, the junkie will reduce the number of times she wants to start conversations with you.

You can even make the die-hard junkie wait by pretending that whatever you’re listening to is really important.  Just raise your finger and nod your head while you make the junkie wait… and wait… and wait.


What do you think?  When I wrote this, I originally wanted to title this “5 Tips for Living with a Political Junkie,” but right now I can only think of these three.  What nonviolent, non-confrontational tips do you have for dealing with political junkies?

I wasn’t a political junkie when I wrote the blog post below, but I was when the incident happened.


She looked like a sweet old lady, but if you pissed her off, she’d rip you a new one. (image via wikimedia)

Experts may disagree about which U.S. political insult is the best ever, but everybody agrees that it hasn’t happened in the current election cycle.  In fact, the rhetoric in the 2016 presidential campaign has been really lame.  Hillary Clinton has called Republicans her enemies.  Donald Trump has pretty much insulted everybody, and everybody else has insulted him back.  Even so, nobody yet has had a good zinger that historians will remember.

To be fair, it’s been a few presidential campaigns since anybody’s had a really good political insult.

(Read more here)


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  1. Politics fascinates me, but I don’t really talk about it because I usually can’t. If I say something, my mother pounces on it. She’s not necessarily a junkie, but sometimes her opinion feels like the law.

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