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Bird-Watching Background Noise- Perfect for Reading or Napping

April 1, 2019

These birds wouldn’t sit still long enough to take a good picture, but they made cool sounds as they flew around.

This isolated bird watching spot off a local river was the perfect place to read, except I was paranoid somebody would sneak up from behind and conk me on the head.  People will conk you on the head anywhere, even in the woods next to a river.

The solution was easy.  I took a short video and looped it several times, and now I can read at home with my favorite background noise.  I guarantee you, I’m not wasting this environment with a James Patterson novel.


The accompanying video has been temporarily removed.

I got tired of hearing birds all the time.  Now I just turn the fan up really high, but I’m not going to make a video of a fan.  I think somebody else has done that already.

  1. With as vivid imagination as you have it is a good idea not to read in isolation of a wooded area near a river. Especially if you’re reading a James Patterson novel!

    • Imagination? I’m pretty sure there was somebody else out there. And with those birds making all that noise, I might not have heard him(?) sneaking up on me. Or maybe I’m paranoid.

      • There have been several attempted robberies in our neighborhood, and I fear that when the weather finally allows
        gardening or reading outside
        I’ll be afraid about who might walk into our yard unannounced!

  2. Good thing no one konked you on the head while you were shooting the video, because if you looped that, well, it wouldn’t be very relaxing.

  3. Love the hummingbirds. We try to attract them but they don’t come very much.

  4. If you sit and quietly read in a wooded area, you could also get conked on the head by a woodpecker mistaking you for a tree.

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