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Is Fart a Bad Word?

March 2, 2019

The mythical definition of fart was- “an explosion between the legs.”(image via wikimedia)

Nobody wants to talk about farts.  I understand that.  When I was a kid, kids would get into trouble for farting, but it was worse if we said the word fart.  The word fart has a history, so it’s worth talking about it.  Plus, saying the word fart is fun, so much fun that I had to make a video of it.

If you’re grossed out by farts, I understand, but I don’t think the video is all that gross.  There aren’t any sound effects or foul smells.  This is purely about the word fart.

From → Etymology

  1. Fart might be best if it’s used to rhyme.

  2. I farted while performing oral sex on someone today…I almost died as I heard it leave my butt. So yes…it is a very bad word and I promise all the men of the world that I shall never fart ever again for the remainder of my life 😭😭😭

    • “I farted while performing…”-

      In that situation, it’s probably worse if the recipient farts.

      • In my opinion it’s always worse if I’m the one who farts….I’d rather have a fart hit my chin while sucking on a penis than letting one lose from my own booty 😦

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