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Introvert Problems: Making Facial Expressions

February 20, 2019

(image via wikimedia)

I’ve been told that my resting face is a blank stare.  It’s usually not a bad face to have.  When I was in high school, I never lost a staring contest.  When I’m challenged to NOT laugh at something, I can set my face on “stone” and I remain expressionless, no matter what else is going on.

To be fair, my “stone” face has limitations.  Whenever I hear Taps, I shed tears, no matter what.  I always cry at Taps.

Anyway, my stone face is causing me problems with my current YouTube experiment.  When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube randomly picks three images from your video to use for the thumbnail, the picture that goes underneath your title to attract potential viewers on the homepage.  If you’re lucky, one of the images won’t suck, but they usually do.  Most of my thumbnail choices have me expressionless or with closed eyes and drunk facial expressions (even though I’m completely sober).

After a few videos, I decided I’d just make my own thumbnails, and I use basic free software for it, but even so, making your own thumbnails is worth it.  The only problem is that I have to fake facial expressions that I didn’t actually use in the video.  I mean, I really have to fake facial expressions.

In the video below, I make a bunch of faces for a potential thumbnail, but I’m not sure yet which pose to use.  When in doubt, I go with the stone face.  Nothing ever goes wrong with the stone face.

For more solutions to your introvert problems, go to  Introvert Problems: Public Speaking.

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  1. Not only do I do the stone face thing too, I have a friend who does it. My friend once said people were always asking him what’s wrong. He said he could just be sitting there thinking about lemonade. Like, he’d be thinking, “I could go for a lemonade right about now,” and people would think something was wrong. We started calling it the lemonade look.

    I like how tidy the house always is behind you. Very Zen-like.

    • “My friend once said people were always asking him what’s wrong.”-

      Haha! People used to tell me that I needed to have more fun (even though I was having fun but didn’t look like it). Then I just stopped going to places where too many people would talk to me.

      Now I guess I still look like I’m not having fun.

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