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Literary Glance: Becoming by Michelle Obama

January 10, 2019

Becoming by Michelle Obama is only the second nonfiction selection that I’ve begun reading for a Literary Glance.  Both books (the other was Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff) have been political, and I usually stay away from political figures on my blog, but Becoming was one of the top selling books of 2018, so I couldn’t ignore it.

Plus, my wife bought a copy, so it’s been in my house for the last few weeks.  To be honest, I didn’t want to read it.  I have nothing against Michelle Obama, but I’m not intrigued by her at all.  I guess that makes my review fair because I didn’t start off with any love or malice for her.

Former President Obama put Becoming at the top of his 2018 reading list, but I’m not sure he has a lot of credibility here.  Even if you believe Barack Obama was the greatest president ever, I don’t think you can trust him on this issue.

But you can trust me!  I’ve actually read part of Becoming.  And now I’m going to tell you what I think about it.

  1. Ha ha ha. Income inequality. A way to shut her off. I just finished the book. It was written well, I agree. It got my attention, interest, cover to cover. She has her unique life experience that others like us won’t have. There is only one president and one First Lady to 300M people. A blessing indeed, a tale that could be carried out from generation to generation, hers and ours. Like all other books, it was boring as it concluded. Got it from the library, I want to support Michelle like your wife, but I have to solve my financial inequality first.

  2. Well, of course Barack Obama is slightly biased. She’s his wife. “Becoming” is on my to be read list though.

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