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Introvert Problems: Faking Enthusiasm

January 8, 2019

If this isn’t a fake smile, nothing is. (image via wikimedia)

I can’t speak for all introverts, but I’m much more comfortable writing blog posts than I am making videos.  When I talk, my voice sometimes seems to lack emotion.  I feel emotion, I promise you, I do.  Sometimes I’m even having fun, but other people can’t tell.

Last month I wrote a blog post (with a video) about how much I enjoy solitude.  Right now, solitude isn’t an option, so I’m trying to improve my interactions with others.  My interactions are rarely negative, but sometimes people think I’m more boring than I really am because of my voice.

Maybe I’m not as monotone as I’ve claimed in the past, but my voice lacks enthusiasm, and when you make presentations, you’re supposed to sound enthusiastic.  If I try to sound enthusiastic, it can sound forced and fake, and audiences don’t like fake.

I’ve been practicing different ways to speak in my videos, and I think I’ve discovered a way to add inflection without sounding fake. Unfortunately, even if this technique works,  I don’t think I can sustain it.

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  1. Nothing harder than trying to fake enthusiasm without letting on that you’re faking enthusiasm – years of pretending to be interested in The Girl’s every moment have helped, but UGH! Good luck!

    • Decades ago, I heard a motivational speaker at work (I’d never go see a motivational speaker on my personal time) say to the crowd: “Fake it until you feel it.”

      That never seemed to work for me.

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