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Introvert Problems: I’m Addicted To Solitude

November 16, 2018

I could probably hang out here for a few days without seeing too many people. (image via wikimedia)

As an introvert, sometimes my actions are misinterpreted.  When I’m staring blankly, people think I’m zoning out but I’m really processing information.  I mean, sometimes I’m zoning out.  Interactions make me tired, so I need some zone-out time to get my interaction energy back if I’m working with people all day.

Sometimes people misinterpret my addiction to isolation as being anti-social, but that’s not what’s going on.  When I’m by myself, I don’t get as tired.  That’s part of why I’m so comfortable being by myself for long periods of time.

It’s not that I don’t like people.  I like people, and I can work with people, but it makes me more tired than physical labor.  That’s why I like working by myself instead of on a team (when it’s possible).

Being isolated too much can be unhealthy.  I know that, but I still like it.  Maybe I like being alone too much.  I talk about that in the video below, but a lot of my words are imprecise.  That’s why I like writing better than speaking out loud without a script.  Writing by itself, however, doesn’t always have the appeal or impact of the spoken word.

Anyway, I hope what I talk about makes sense, but what do you think?  How unhealthy is it to like being by yourself for long periods of time?  Or is it just AWESOME!!???

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  1. Life is short – if being alone makes you happy then I say have at it :O) x

  2. It is awesome but sometimes , for our well-being,we should mingle with others, talk to them, listen.

    • Thanks! The solitude was nice while it lasted, but I’m back in my normal routine with plenty of interactions… for now!

    • Yes Lekha, we definitely need both solitude anf interaction. I lived alone for a while, and I was terribly lonely. Now I live together with others, but spend most of my time alone. I suppose it varies how much we need of each.

  3. Sometimes I only sit there. I can be looking straight at someone and not see them. My thinking cancels out everything else. We need battery recharge downtime. That’s why we sleep. Our subconscious needs time to work uninterupted.
    That’s my feeble understanding of the matter. I hope it made some sense…

  4. Remember Faulkner who said (paraphrased): The reason I divorced my third wife was, she never understood I was working when I was looking out the window.

    • Einstein sat in his comfy chair simply thinking and discovering. Dr House – fictional – lay on the floor and threw a ball at the wall. Doing nuth’n one can be oh so productive…

  5. Madam Mim permalink

    I totally relate to this. My colleagues all want to go have lunch together, hang out after work, and I’m sure they think I’m being anti-social… but I need that time to myself. I get suuuper tired from all the interacting all day…

  6. I enjoy being alone. I, too, am an introvert and feel drained after interacting with people, especially energy vampires. Currently, I’m looking forward to decompressing over the next few days from spending a week visiting family.

  7. As an introvert who had people around 24/7 all my life until age 60 and finally found myself alone…Awesome doesn’t cover it. I feel like I have won the lottery. The only aggravation in my life is people who think there is something wrong with me. Why exactly is it wrong or unhealthy? Where is it written. I know it is custom and culture but what exactly is it that is unhealthy. If I have no bad habits except reading and writing and there just are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I like to do (alone)…why is it wrong? Who am I hurting? Do I owe all those extroverts and needy people out there my attention and company. I am also a person who gets the phone calls and doesn’t make them and people try to make me feel guilty and selfish. I often think…if it bothers you …find a friend who will call you back and leave me the f**k alone. Since I do not need other people for anything, when I am with people I am the recipient of all their news and noise and weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth over their life problems WITH OTHER PEOPLE. It is beyond exhausting and I wonder who is the selfish one in this relationship. At my age (well beyond 60 now) I feel my life is to short to accommodate other people’s needs and ideas of what is proper and healthy. Here is to self sufficient people who are not a burden on anyone.

  8. Sorry for all the missing question marks and typos. Should have proofread it before posting…bad me, no donut. Hell, on diet and no donut anyway.

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