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Late Night Writing: Distractions

November 7, 2018

He’s kind of a jerk.  And that cat isn’t too nice either.

Writing at night is getting better results than I thought it would.  At first, I believed that whatever I wrote would look like gibberish the next day.  So far, though, there hasn’t been anything glaringly bad.

In the past, I stayed in bed staring at the ceiling or rolling around restlessly.  Now that I get up and write for a few minutes, I’ve been able to get rid of that nervous energy, and I fall asleep quickly after about 30 minutes on the computer.

It’s tough to take footage at night, though.  In this current video, the camera is set up at a bad angle, and I was too groggy to notice until I checked it the next morning.  I ran video for about 20 minutes, and most of my rambling was nonsense.  But I caught one moment worth keeping.

The late night writing videos are my favorites so far, I think.  If you haven’t watched them, check them out.  They’re short and to the point.  And I usually talk about writing a little bit.

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