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Books Worth Keeping: On Writing by Stephen King

November 3, 2018

Do aspiring authors really have to read On Writing by Stephen King?

Getting rid of books isn’t easy.  Decades ago, I enjoyed walking into my home and being greeted by thousands of yellowing dusty books.  Then one day it became clutter.

Since then, I’ve gotten rid of most of the book collection.  I’m keeping a small percentage, though.  A few books hold valuable memories.  Some hold monetary value (and I don’t need to sell them yet).  And some I know I’m going to read again.

In the video below, I talk about why I think On Writing by Stephen King is a book worth keeping.  Hopefully, it’s a video worth watching.

And if you haven’t watched my recent videos, try them out.  I keep them to around three minutes now.  I don’t cut and splice footage much anymore (unless there’s a technical issue where I have to).  I do the videos in one take, which means you can see some mistakes too.

Mistakes.  What’s the point of a video if the audience can’t see mistakes?

  1. You ought to try writing your own book on writing.

    • Thanks! There are a lot of books already about writing, and I’m not sure I have a book’s worth of new stuff to say about that.

      However, I HAVE written a few blog posts about writing. They’re buried on this blog somewhere.

  2. This book has been sat on my shelf for years and I’m embarrassed that I’ve never read it! This has been a good reminder though so thanks for that!

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