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Famous Author with Cool Name Says He’ll Run for President!

May 7, 2018

(image via wikimedia)

First of all, I don’t think Brad Thor is a real name.  I’ve always been very clear about that on this blog.  I know people have first names for last names sometimes, and I don’t really have a problem with that, but Thor is too cool of a last name.  If I met a guy named Jake Hulk or Todd Studd, I’d say those names were fake too.

Secondly, I try to avoid political stuff because it can be so divisive.  Yes, politics is everywhere, but we need some unifiers that can always bring people together.  Sports, movies, and music can be great unifiers, but political injections can ruin these.  The same is true with books.  Books can be unifiers too, especially for smart people who like to read.  Maybe saying “smart” is biased, but I don’t know too many intellectually-challenged people who like to read a lot.  It could happen, I admit, but I don’t see it.

Brad Thor, author of a bunch of military-thriller novels, announced last week  that he was thinking about running against President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican primary.  This didn’t get reported a lot on the news.  Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about it (he has other things to deal with first, I guess).  Maybe political wonks aren’t taking this seriously (they didn’t take Donald Trump seriously either).

I’m not going to delve into the reasons Thor might run (because that gets political), but since he’s a writer, and I comment about books/writing, I thought I should mention it.   I promise I won’t take sides, though.  I have my own strong opinions, but I’ll respect readers (who don’t care about my political views) by keeping my opinions to myself.

The best part of Brad Thor’s campaign would be the opposition research (if his opposition feels like he’s worth it).  For years I’ve been telling the world that Brad Thor is not really Brad Thor’s real name.  I have no proof of this.  All evidence that I’ve seen indicates that Brad Thor is Brad Thor’s real name.  It’s supposedly not a pen name, but I don’t believe that.

Brad Thor is too cool of a name to be real.  It’s so cool that it’s almost like one of those fake joke names like Anita Dick or Eric Shawn.  Nobody really gets named Anita Dick or Eric Shawn, unless the parents are intentionally being jerks.  Nobody really gets named Brad Thor either.  It’s too cool a name, and no parents are that cool.

I wouldn’t mind if Brad Thor just came out and admitted that Brad Thor was a pseudonym.  I respect a good pseudonym.  I just resent the arrogance of pretending that his cool fake name is real.  And now it looks like Brad Thor might make the mistake of running for president.

Running for president is no game.  Somebody will find out what Brad Thor’s real name is.  And then Brad Thor will have to shamefully admit that he’s been lying all this time about his cool name.  Lying about a cool name might not be the worst thing a public figure can do.  It might not be worse than using taxpayer money to hire prostitutes or covering up a break-in, but it could be a political career killer.  It’s so bad that I can’t offhand think of anybody who’s tried it.

Normally I would say that running for president is a great way to sell more books.  But when you have a cool name like Brad Thor, you shouldn’t need to run for president to sell books.

  1. Enjoyed your beautiful post
    Now I am also thinking about his real name😊

  2. You gotta admit though…President Thor of the United States of America sounds pretty darn cool LOL! Even cooler…a running opponent named Stark 😀 😀 😀

    But in all seriousness…running for presidency is not a joke and if he is serious he needs to be transparent with his voters. For starters, by using his real name (if Brad Thor is not it). Also, to make his intentions clear and is not just doing it for hype to gain attention to market his books.

  3. I’m pretty sure that Brad Thor is a real name. At least, it’s a part of his full real name, which is Bradley George Thor Jr., which, while technically being the same as “Brad Thor”, is not nearly as cool.
    I also admit to reading a few of his books, and all I remember is a character who’s a thinly fictionalized portrayal of Hillary Clinton, written as a powerful corrupt and, I believe, a sexually perverted Senator (the book was written back when HC was a senator.)

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