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“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” vs. “Follow Your Dreams”

December 10, 2017

It’s tough to find the ideal job situation when you’re creative. If you use up your creative energy at work, your employer usually gets the credit for it. If you’re not creative at work, then your job is probably a drag and it saps your creative energy, even though you’re not using it.

I’m not being negative; having a job is good. It’s just that sometimes I daydream about having lots and lots of time to focus on the stuff I want to work on.

I don’t want to risk my income by doing anything impulsive. I’ll do what I can to hold on to my day job and focus most of my energy on that. But not everybody thinks the same way I do.

Dysfunctional Literacy

(image via Wikimedia) (image via Wikimedia)

“Next month, I’m quitting my job and writing for a year,” a friend of mine said at a party.

He’s not really a friend.  He’s the husband of a coworker of my wife.  I hardly know the guy, but I don’t have a lot of friends, so I just say he’s my friend.

Anyway, his wife is going to support him while he sits around and writes a novel all day every day for a year.  It’s been a dream of his all his life to be a writer, and for a year he gets to live his dream.  He says maybe he’ll be successful and get to continue living his dream.  He has a good job now, and he knows they won’t hold it for him, so after a year (if he’s not successful writing), he’ll have to start sending out resumes and get ready for…

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