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5 Ways Reading Habits Can Change Over Time

December 3, 2017

The book collection that once dominated my house is now gone. It was a proud collection. I showcased hardcover classic novels in the living room to make guests think I was more well-read than I really was. The guest bedroom was stocked with paperback bestsellers, just in case our overnight visitors couldn’t sleep. Several closets had shelves stacked with books in the back. Whenever the power went out, there was something to read.

Now, the collection is gone. I’ve sold or donated most of the books and kept only a few that I might read again. It’s not that I have anything against books. In the last couple years, my family has gone through a decluttering phase, and now we have more space.

A few years ago, I wrote a post about how reading habits change over time. Since then, I’ve stopped keeping books. I guess that is my most recent habit change.

Dysfunctional Literacy

20 years ago, this book didn't exist. 25 years ago, this book didn’t exist.

This struck me as weird.  One of my kids came home from school with a “Making Connections” chart for a reading activity.  Students were to write down a fact or an event from what they were reading and then write down how they related to it.  It was kind of like showing your work in math, except it was for reading, and I just thought everybody made connections when they read, but I guess a lot of kids don’t, and the kids that don’t make connections probably aren’t good readers.  Anyway (after I worked through all that internally), I realized I’m probably lucky that I just naturally make connections when I read.

For example, I just read an article in the USA Today that shows how reading patterns have changed over the last 20 years by comparing its bestsellers lists of 20 years ago with current lists.  When it comes…

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