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I Wrote A Letter To My Teenage Self, And He Smarted Off At Me!

November 10, 2017

A prominent politician has made news in the last couple days by by by publishing a letter to her teenage self .  I don’t want to mention that politician’s name because people either love her or despise her and I don’t want to start a political spat with anybody.

I know, however, that writing a letter to your teen self is a bad idea. I tried it a few years ago, and wow, did it backfire!!

Dysfunctional Literacy

 (image via Wikimedia) (image via Wikimedia)

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people are writing letters to themselves in the past.  Usually, the letters are to their teenage selves because the teen years are almost always pretty rough.   The letters are meant to be encouraging, I guess, or to offer advice, and I remembered my teenage self. He had some social issues and self-esteem issues and there was some family stuff going on, so he could have used some encouragement from his future self.

As intrigued as I was about writing a letter to my teenage self in the past, I knew I had to be careful with it. I didn’t want the letter to be very specific. There was a slight chance that my teenage self would read it, and any information that could change my past behavior might lead to incalculable alterations in history or cause a butterfly effect. If there’s one…

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