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How To Blog Without Burning Out

October 1, 2017

It’s been tough keeping up with the blog recently. Several rooms in my house (including the den) are getting worked on because of recent storm damage, so all my writing has to be done in a high-traffic room amidst television noise, teens arguing, and pets vying for attention.

Writing has been a struggle recently (more so than normal), but I’ve been following my system for blogging. Over the last few years, I’ve realized that when I follow my system, blogging doesn’t stress me out.

If anything, blogging keeps me from getting stressed out.

Dysfunctional Literacy

(image via wikimedia) (image via wikimedia)

If you’re writing a blog, it’s easy to find basic tips all over the internet.  Leave comments on other blogs.  Promote yourself with other kinds of social media.  Use key words that show up on search engines.  Become a credible source in a specific niche.  Those tips can be useful, but some of them are time-consuming and can take the fun out of blogging.

I’ve been blogging for a little over 5 years, and I’ve noticed that a lot of writers who had blogs 5 years ago have either slowed down or no longer blog at all.  I think some of them burned out because they were trying too hard to follow the usual guidelines, and doing all of that isn’t very fun.  Self-promotion is time-consuming when you just want to write.

In my five years of blogging, I’ve accumulated lots of writing.  I’m embarrassed by some of…

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  1. I hope you and yours weathered the storm. I know you said your house had some damage but that can be fixed. Glad you’re still here blogging.

  2. I like this post. I’m fairly new to blogging and learning the tricks of the trade. The main one being finding the time!

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