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Reading Makes You Live Longer… but is it worth it?

August 19, 2017

At the end of my annual physical, my doctor told me I probably need to make a couple lifestyle changes. She suggested that if I exercise more and eat more leafy greens, I could probably extend my life by a few years. I told her I didn’t need to do that because I read a lot of books.

For future reference, don’t tell your doctor that your health plan consists of reading all the time. Even if your doctor has a sense of humor, which is unlikely, you’ll get lectured about healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise and a healthy diet. Reading a lot, despite some recent research, probably won’t be one of your doctor’s recommendations.

That’s okay. When it comes to medical advice, don’t listen to me; listen to your doctor.

Dysfunctional Literacy

Get up and live your life, you bookworm!! (image via wikimedia) Get up and live your life, you bookworm!! (image via wikimedia)

Everybody who enjoys reading knows there are a lot of benefits from it.  People can become more knowledgeable when they read.  People who read fiction have more empathy than people who don’t read.  Reading can also improve our critical thinking skills.  Now a study shows that reading makes us live longer too.

The study shows (supposedly) that people who read 3 ½  hours a week or more live at least two years longer than people who don’t.  There are a few more numbers in this study, but I don’t like numbers, even though I probably should like numbers because I like to read.  Then again, I don’t like to read math books, so it makes sense that I don’t like numbers.  Still, it seems like two years is the average extended lifespan for people who read books.

Wait a minute.

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  1. asteraubrey permalink

    Reading makes better human beings, and better human beings live longer so it makes sense…

  2. I’ve been eating more leafy greens, and as a side effect, now have more time for reading. Turns out leafy greens like spinach, kale, and chard make me really gassy, so people don’t particularly want to be near me for a few hours after eating. Best of both worlds?

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